More About Me


I’m a mother, wife and Realtor. Licensed since 2012. I represent both Buyers and Sellers all over the Southern Tier of New York. I have a masters degree in education in which I use to help educate my clients throughout the entire process of buying and selling. Currently I am in the process of obtaining my Brokers License so I can provide even more real estate knowledge to my clients. I try to make the process of real estate as non stressful as possible. Let me do all the work and you reap the rewards!

I provide my selling services in the sale of single family, multi family, farm, land, relocation properties and more.

Not looking to sell but want to buy? No problem as a local realtor I can provide you with the properties  within the areas you prefer . I am also very helpful when it comes to those questions people often have. “ where is the closest park or playground?” . “ what do you do for fun around here ?” . I can answer all of these questions and more to help you find that perfect house to make a home.

Another advantage with working with me is I have full access to a local licensed Architect. My husband is available to my clients for any structural questions they may have in regards to a property they would like to purchase. Also he can provide a great new floor plan layout and more.